Goals and Strategies

Linköpings Tennis Club is dedicated to achieving excellence in its operations through goals and strategies. Our values and policies form the foundation for our practical work in tennis activities.

Our Values

  • Everyone should experience joy and camaraderie within the club and its activities.
  • All individuals should feel safe and welcome.
  • Mutual respect among all members is essential.

Our Policy

Linköpings Tennis Club's policy is based on the equal importance and value of all members.Each individual should have the opportunity for personal development at their own pace.The board, in collaboration with coaches, establishes guidelines for the activities and holds the ultimate responsibility.Communication, cooperation, and interactions within the club should be conducted with respect and positivity.

Equality and Diversity

Linköpings Tennis Club is committed to providing equal opportunities for girls and boys, women and men to play tennis. We welcome everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, ethnic, religious, or political background. To achieve this, all members are expected to accept and follow our rules.

We condem:

    • Racism and xenophobia.
    • Bullying.
    • Discrimination, including based on skin color or sexual orientation.

Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs 

At Linköpings Tennis Club, our operations are conducted in a healthy environment with the following guidelines:

  • All players, coaches, and parents should be positive role models.
  • All activities should be smoke, alcohol, and drug-free.