The prices refer to a semester fee.


Junior/Student                             200 kr

Applicable for all up to 18 years and students.

Senior                                           300 kr

Applicable for all over 18 years.

Family                                           650 kr

If there are more family members who want to become members, take the opportunity to purchase a family membership!

Racket Stringing

If you want to restring your racket quickly, we can take care of it! Contact us via phone or email to make arrangements. It's also possible to leave your racket with one of our coaches on the court.

With your own strings

Members:                                                        170 kr

Non-members                                                 190 kr

With LTKs strings

Members:                                                        300 kr

Non-members:                                                320 kr

Tennis Courses

Membership is required to participate in courses. These prices refer to 60 minutes of training per week. If you wish to train more, please contact and we will arrange it.

Mini tennis                                  1600 kr

Youth training/juniors                2300 kr

Adult Course                                3100 kr

Private training                            600kr


If you want to book a massage, please contact Jossan and clarify the details about the booking.

45 minutes massage

Members:                                                         350 kr

Non-members:                                                 400 kr